Iraq Co-Editor

JOB OPPORTUNITY – Application deadline: Rolling

·Job title: Iraq Co-Editor
· Contract type: Freelance
· Location: Remote


Amwaj.Media is a new web-based media platform for professional opinion and analysis of the societies, politics and economies of Iran, Iraq and the Gulf Arab states. Our emphasis is on holistic, data-driven and forward-looking coverage of the region.

As Iraq Co-Editor, your responsibilities could include but are not limited to:

o    Overseeing and editing our daily coverage of reactions in Iraqi media to social, cultural, political and economic developments in Iraq.

o    Liaising with translators, copy editors and the Editor to arrange and ensure that all content under your purview lives up to the highest standards in terms of language, accuracy and flow.

o    Utilizing your existing networks of contacts and sources to organize coverage and commission pitches that result in at least five (5) pieces of data-driven, holistic and forward-looking commentary and analysis relevant to Iraq every week. You will be responsible for editing the content that results from these pitches in direct coordination with copy editors, translators and the Editor.

o    Working with other Co-Editors and the Editor to arrange biweekly written debates among selected contributors with an issue-based approach.

o    Identifying, approaching and – in coordination with the Editor - recruiting new contributors with original voices who create added value for our readers.

o    Utilizing your extensive sources and contact networks to arrange and conduct exclusive interviews with prominent experts and activists as well as leading figures.

 o    Writing a weekly column on issues relevant to Iraq which are of interest to Amwaj.Media’s readers as well as shorter news items on demand and in coordination with the Editor.

o    Participating in daily conference calls with the Editor in order to identify and decide on topics of coverage.

o    Having a strong and active media, think tank and social media presence to showcase our coverage of Iran, Iraq and the Gulf Arab states – all within a holistic framework that takes into account other relevant factors and actors.

o    Coordinating with the Amwaj.Media team to create and distribute high-quality data visualization and multimedia output of interest to our readers.

o    Liaising with copy editors and the Editor to ensure that all content under your purview lives up to the highest standards in terms of language, accuracy and flow.

o    Collating and analysing datasets that will ultimately form the basis of our databases and indeed our broader data-driven approach to coverage of the region. This should include secondary sources as well as utilizing your own contact networks to generate primary sourcing.

o    Overseeing and carrying out administrative duties as instructed by the Editor.

Who you are:

Co-leading Amwaj.Media’s coverage of Iraq, you will have a proven track record as an editor, senior journalist, consultant or think tanker known for professional, objective, accurate and impactful commentary and/or reporting. You will bring with you exceptional writing and editing skills as well as an established network of contacts consisting of experts, activists, journalists as well as policy and decision makers.

You have a strong passion for the subject topic of Iraq, with a solid understanding of the Iraqi media landscape as well as the ecosystem of how the country is covered from abroad. You also deeply share Amwaj.Media’s commitment to professional, holistic and data-driven coverage of Iraq and the region.

It is essential that:

- You are fully fluent (native) in both spoken and written English and Modern Standard Arabic.

- You have an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, preferably with a concentration in journalism, political science, international relations or economics.

- You have been working on Iraq-related issues at a leading think tank, consultancy or media organization for at least two (2) years.

- You are a self-starter and a thought leader with thick skin, highly self-disciplined and pay impeccable attention to detail. You can work under high pressure and deliver top quality work at a very rapid pace to meet tight deadlines. Your leadership skills – including managing an extensive network of contacts and sources – stand out.

- You are a natural with words. Your superior writing and editing skills come with an exceptional capacity to formulate data-driven, forward-looking and holistic analysis – all based on an ability to rapidly digest a large volume of content and data.  

- You have a flair for strong and compelling headlines that match the content while drawing in readers.

- You are an excellent communicator and multi-tasker who can lead, manage and grow a far-flung and growing network of contributors. Your ability to lead and communicate will also be evident in your excellent liaising with copy editors and the Editor.

- You love the idea of working from anywhere in the globe, and with an international team with scores of contributors scattered across several countries.

- You think critically and analytically and aren’t afraid to come up with non-conventional solutions to complex challenges. You speak your mind in conversation with your colleagues and you share ideas for how to better do your job - and always astutely implement the smart ideas of others.

It would be even better-but not a requirement-if you also:

- Have a strong command of written and spoken Sorani.

- Have a spotless academic and professional background that evidences a solid understanding of the wider region beyond Iraq.

- Have a deep understanding of the Iraqi economy and particularly regional economic and trade linkages.

We offer:

An opportunity:

- To be a part of a new and exciting initiative to bring to the fore original voices and truly professional and unbiased coverage of the region.

- To join and help lead a young, sharp and forward-looking team that aims to shake up how the region is covered, elevate local contributors and connect regional voices.

- Compensation commensurate with merit and experience.


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