Dec. 23, 2022

Iran targets last foreign social media apps to escape permanent bans


The story: Iranian authorities have threatened to permanently block access to Instagram and WhatsApp, which have been restricted since opposition protests erupted in September. The popular social media platforms are the last major foreign social media platforms to have escaped permanent filtering in the country. Business owners have protested the new restrictions, saying that they rely on the platforms to generate revenue.

The coverage: Abolhassan Firouzabadi, head of the National Center for Cyberspace, stated on Dec. 17 that the social media platforms had been filtered "due to security considerations."

  • Firouzabadi, who also serves as secretary of the powerful Supreme Council of Cyberspace, further noted that a permit is necessary "to continue" the restrictions.

  • Firouzabadi said the permit can be requested by a judge, the Supreme Council of Cyberspace, or the Supreme National Security Council—and needs the approval of...

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