Nov. 24, 2022

IRGC media hint at ‘dialogue’ facilitated by Reformist ex-president


The story: A media affiliate of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has expressed support for ex-president Mohammad Khatami (1997-2005) to prepare the ground for “dialogue” among divided Iranians. The move has raised eyebrows since the prominent Reformist figure has long been banished by the conservatives over his support for protests against the disputed 2009 presidential elections. The apparent U-turn comes amid a flurry of political maneuvering to jumpstart dialogue as deadly unrest continues to claim lives.

The coverage: IRGC weekly Sobh-e Sadeq adopted a supportive tone towards Khatami in its Nov. 21 coverage of recent comments on the protests by the Reformist ex-president.

  • In remarks published on Nov. 14, Khatami had stated that the overthrow of the Islamic Republic—a key demand of many protesters—was "neither possible nor ideal."

  • The top Reformist figure urged protesters and the political establishment to...

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