Dec. 23, 2022

Is Iran’s Quds Force taking over Afghanistan policy?


The story: Iran has named Hassan Kazemi-Qomi as its new top envoy to Afghanistan, reportedly replacing Ambassador Bahador Aminian. Said to be a veteran of the Quds Force—the expeditionary wing of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)—Kazemi-Qomi’s appointment follows a leak of criticism of the Taliban attributed to Aminian.

The coverage: The official IRNA news agency on Dec. 18 reported that Kazemi-Qomi had been named as Iran's new “ambassador” to Kabul.

  • Government-run IRNA cited Abbas Badrifar, a diplomat at the Kabul embassy, as its source for the alleged ambassadorial appointment. This is while Badrifar had told the Afghan news channel TOLO TV a day earlier that Kazemi-Qomi would take over as “the head of mission,” refraining from referring to him as ambassador.

  • Kazemi-Qomi has been serving as President Ebrahim Raisi’s special envoy for...

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