Sep. 29, 2022

Killing of young girl renews focus on US military presence in Iraq


The story: The killing of a young girl allegedly at the hands of US forces has sparked outrage in Iraq. Iran’s allies in the country are capitalizing on the public backlash to double down on their demand that American troops must withdraw. They are also seizing on the incident to undermine Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi by slamming him for “his silence.” This comes against the backdrop of heightened political tensions in Baghdad, where a new government appears set to be formed.

The coverage:
Zeinab Essam, a member of a family of farmers from the district of Abu Ghraib to the west of Baghdad, was killed by several stray bullets on Sept. 19.

  • Her father, Essam Majed, on Sept. 20 claimed that the gunfire came from Camp Victory at Baghdad International Airport.

  • Locals from Abu Ghraib on Sept. 20 stated that they have repeatedly complained about stray bullets from the firing range of the base.

Baghdad Operations Command on Sept. 20 launched a probe into the incident and vowed...

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