Submission Guidelines

Subscribe to our Newsletter(s) prior to sending us a pitch or an article in order to familiarize yourself with our approach and content. The greater your understanding of our style, the greater the chance of your article or pitch being approved. publishes News, Opinion and Analysis on the politics, economies and socieities of Iran, Iraq and the Peninsula. Our approach is holistic, data-driven and forward-looking.

We are always on the look-out for both established voices and new talent that can equally bring measured and fresh perspectives and additional depth to our coverage.

If you want to send us a pitch for an article:

Your pitch should be maximum 100-150 words, and focus on clearly and concisely explaining not just the topic you want to cover, but more importantly the angle of the storyincluding an explicit newshook.

For example, if you want to write about an increase in Iraqi oil exports, you should explain the significance of such a development; the context which makes it particularly relevant to our readers; and, list the original sources you will use in your piece. These sources can consist of interviews with relevant experts and officials, and primary material such as official documents or statements: WikiLeaks is fine, Wikipedia pages are not. We strongly encourage the inclusion of data-driven content as part of your submission, including charts and graphs.

The facts and statements in your article, if the pitch is approved, must be referenced with hyperlinks to the sources.

If you want to pitch an Opinion piece, you may also rely on secondary sources to support your original case for your position.

Whatever you are pitching, you cannot rely on a single source—and the context must always be local, regional or directly related to the region.

We only consider pitches that are exclusive to and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

If you want to send us a full article:


News, Opinion and Analysis pieces may be submitted in Arabic, English or Persian. Our team will translate the content to all site languages.

Articles may be up to 1,000 words in length, and should be accompanied by a brief 200-word summary of your article. prides itself on presenting its readers with clear, concise and factual data. You should provide hyperlinks to primary sources to all statements and quotations in your article. We encourage the inclusion of data-driven content as part of your submission, including charts and graphs.

Please do not send us works in progress: full articles are expected to have been thoroughly reviewed and checked for both language and facts prior to submission.

Other things to keep in mind:

Whether you are sending us a pitch or an article, it should also include your e-mail address, your resume and a list of your previous publications.

If your pitch is approved, you will need to send the full article within 48 hours.

If the full article which you have submitted is approved, we will endeavor to edit it for publication in liaison with you as soon as possible.

Regardless of whether your pitch or article is approved, it should be accompanied by a short biography of up to 50 words, a headshot, and your social media handles (if any).

Last but certainly not least, any submissions to must not include behavior circumscribed by our Website Terms & Conditionsincluding slander, defamation as well as unfounded rumors and allegations.